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                  Our Brands


                  Climate change is the biggest challenge of our generation. But the technologies to address it exists. It’s time to implement them collectively at scale and speed.

                  Electricity 4.0

                  A more electric and digital world is on our doorstep. Find the insights you’ll need to thrive in a more sustainable and resilient future.

                  Next-generation automation

                  Industries of the future become eco-efficient, agile, and resilient with open, software-centric industrial automation.

                  Why Energy Efficiency is the Unsung Hero of the Fight Against Climate Change

                  Double glazing and optimised air-con systems aren’t as sexy as 100-metre wind turbines and EVs — but the impact of energy efficiency could be immense.
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                  Reduce emissions of an offshore compression platform

                  Ways to reduce the lifecycle GHG emmissions of an offshore compression platform
                  Solar Panels Installed on a house roof

                  REPowerEU: Empowering Energy Consumers for a More Sustainable and Resilient Europe

                  Welcoming the European Commission’s REPowerEU Action Plan to reduce dependency on fossil fuels, we share our 10-point action plan to make Europe digital and electric by 2027 and go further in driving efficiency with digital, electrifying end-use, decentralizing energy, and building better.
                  Office Building Exterior with elevated glass walkway

                  Towards Net-Zero Buildings

                  Schneider Electric presents a Framework Towards Net-Zero Buildings developed in conjunction with WEF to accelerate the investment needed to deliver a greener urban built environment

                  Mind the gap: How carbon dioxide removals must complement deep decarbonisation to keep 1.5°C alive

                  In its new report the energy transitions commission outlines the role of carbon dioxide removals in meeting global climate objectives.

                  The unexpected disruption: Distributed generation

                  The true potential of distributed energy generation is massive. This study shows how it will contribute to reshaping the global energy system.

                  Sustainability podcast series: Beyond the scope

                  Schneider Electric’s beyond the scope sustainability podcast series offers insightful views on decarbonization pathways and the solutions that lie ahead of us.

                  Accelerating global investment in building decarbonization

                  As buildings generate a large chunk of the world’s carbon emissions, how can we decarbonize the built environment? Read the framework that guides decision-makers to consider more outcomes.
                  Aerial view of city at night

                  Is your business transforming for climate change?

                  A survey reveals how top companies are combatting climate change in their approach to sustainable transformation. Businesses must act more quickly as cybersecurity and environmental concerns rise.

                  Yes, we can have sustainable cities

                  Cities are one of the fields where the battle for climate change will be won or lost, and we aim to win it.